QC Standards

A Code of Practice for holding unregulated media accountable

A code of practice is an important document because it details the ethical standards by which a publisher holds itself to.

It prescribes how information is gathered, how it is filtered, what is appropriate to use and how it can be used. It is the moral heart of the news production process and complaints to an organisation are typically a result of an alleged breach of the code of practice.

Organisations should always have their own code of practice which is usually a variation of one of the two codes applied by the two UK regulators, IPSO and Impress.

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Obtaining the Code

If an organisation that QC investigates utilises its own publicly available code of practice which is deemed suitable, QC will apply these standards in its investigation. This document must be published on all webpages of the organisation and should be easily found.

If an organisation does not have a code of practice, does not make a code of practice available to the public, or does not apply a code of practice that is fit for purpose according to current publishing standards, QC will utilise the IPSO Editor’s Code of Practice for its investigation.

The IPSO Editor’s Code of Practice can be found here. The current version was first published by IPSO in January 1, 2021.

A PDF copy of the January 1, 2021 version can be downloaded from here. Should this document become unavailable, QC holds a duplicate copy of it here.

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